On Camps


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Jul 18, 2007
In your worst nightmare.....
This is the longest I have lived in one house in my life. So under the direction of HH6 I have looking over the library and some books that I have kept away from 18YO son who likes to blow up stuff.....

Now I did find some stuff that wonder if folks could use or might be some historical interest....


- a roll of 1million scale middle east road maps including Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.... late 80's early 90's vintage

- misc 1:250 JOG's of the middle east late 80's and early 90's vintage

- 'On Camps' this would seem be about 500+ pages that was originally typed with detailed diagrams on fortifications, perimeters, internal camp layout, booby trap, and perimeter boobytrap construction. If I remember right I copied it from a three ring binder that SGM (ret) Sam 'Pappy' Jones had when I worked with him in G3 USASFC. Its pretty much a data dump of combined wisdom from how to build SF camps in Viet Nam.

Not sure if the maps are worth while to anyone.... but 'On Camps' from a historical view or 'rediscovered knowledge' might be important.

Yes... I hold a treasure trove of useless information and some documentation....

My intent is the original hard copy of 'On Camps' I have go the USASFC historian.

Since the Talitubbies tried to overrun a camp in A'stan over the weekend this may 'topic for its time'. I am going to scan the 500+ pages in this week. If you want a copy PM me your email. If you feel the need to have me send it through AKO thats GTG by me.

Why dont you give the Special Warfare museum at Fort Bragg a try? PM me for a contact name and number. They are ALWAYS looking for stuff,and have a need for things from 80's-90's timeframe.