Operation Arrowhead Ripper


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Sep 13, 2006
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That's because we only hear about the negative things in the news. I honestly think that is the only thing people are interested in these days.
Mike Yon is the best. I am glad to hear that he is reporting on an operation that the "mainstream" media has ignored or pretended not to know about...

Thanks so much for the heads up Gypsy. I used to get notifications of Mike's latest blog dispatches, but that hasn't happened for a while...
I agree. Michael Yon writes some good articles. I got into his stuff when he wrote about 1-24 IN when they deployed to Mosul, Iraq '04-'05. My buddies civil affairs team even made it in there a few times, which was nice becasue he gave a differant perspective on OIF. Instead of just the bad stuff, he also wrote about the humnitarian stuff they were doing. He gave a whole other side to it that people dont normaly see when they turn their tv's on to CNN, ABC, NBC or some other 'real news' channel.

Anyways, I was jealous of a friend of mine when he told me, a few days before it kicked off, that his unit was going up there to do a, basically, Falluja-style siege to just capture or kill as many insurgent bitches as possible.. but my personal opinion, the way some neighborhood's are and the fuckers here in Baghdad right now, we may end up doing a raid on the capital...