Opportunities for Veterans in Investment Banking

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I just wanted to bring some attention to post-military career opportunities in IB. Veterans do very well in IB recruitment in general, and can oftentimes take advantage of special programs. I wanted to post this now because fall recruiting is getting underway and in general IB operates under a regular hiring cycle designed around picking up graduates from college, MBA, JD etc. So, if it is on your radar you should start looking now

Here's a few banks that offer specific programs designed at recruiting veterans:

Goldman Sachs Veteran Integration Program: Goldman Sachs | Professionals - Veterans Integration Program

Bank of America: https://www.acp-usa.org/sites/default/files/news-files/Bank of America Hiring Call 4.4.19_0.pdf

Morgan Stanley: Opportunities for Undergraduate Student Veterans at Morgan Stanley - Morgan Stanley Campus

Opportunities for MBA Student Veterans at Morgan Stanley - Morgan Stanley Campus

UBS: Veterans