Osan PJ's


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Dec 5, 2006
People's Republic of Maryland
I was a Law Enforcement Specialist stationed at Osan from July 86-87 and worked the bulk of my time on Town Patrol. The entire time I was on TP there was a BIG conflict between the PJ's and the 554 CES/HR Red Horse, or was we called them the Pink Ponies.
The Red Horse would spray paint little Red Horse symbols all over the Ville and the PJ's would always out do them by spray painting the Jolly Green Giant foot prints over the Red Horse designs.
Is this still going on there? Thanks, Sam
Not sure if it is to this day.... but I may or not have had a hand in painting their pony on a tractor while transiting the base. That was '91-'97 that I was flying through Osan.

As for the PJ's and their green feet. I have had my plane tagged a couple of times by the guys from the rescue squadrons.