Outward bound


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Sep 25, 2006
For you vets, this came across my outlook:D

Outward Bound, an international non-profit outdoor education program, is offering fully funded outdoor adventure excursions to all OEF/OIF veterans.

It doesn't matter what your current military status is (active, inactive, discharged, retired) - you're eligible to attend as long as you deployed in support of OEF/OIF combat operations while in the military.

To sign up for one of the prescheduled courses, please contact Doug Hayward at 1-866-669-2362, ext. 8387, or simply e-mail him at


To learn more about the OEF/OIF program, visit the website at

...Info <https://www.in.ngb.army.mil>
Wow! I am defiantly signing up, I have wanted to make a trip on a wilderness outing for along time. This would be perfect. I think it’s pretty amazing that they are giving a free full course along with travel paid. What a great organization to offer something like this to vets.

I am really amazed!

Thanks for posting this EATIII
Awesome post! I've volunteered with my local O.B. a little bit around here but hard to do between college and work.

Thanks for the heads up.
Wow That does look great! I hope a bunch of you guys can sign up and go.

I'm checking the whole website to see if they have anything for out of shape :-) civilians like me

Hell yeah... all expenses paid SS linkup? I'm down...

I wonder if they do caving trips?

Good question. They apparently can put together "custom" trips which is pretty cool, I think we need like 9 people in order to make that happen though.
Update from their site:

August 1st, 2008 Update:
Thank you for your interest in the Outward Bound OEF/OIF Vets program. Due to overwhelming demand, we have filled all available vacancies in our current course offerings through February 2009, and we are temporarily no longer accepting any additional applications for these offerings. Please keep watch on this website for our new schedule of courses for 2009-2010.
That looks badass. I'm trying to snake my way into a OEF deployment as soon as I get out of 35M schools next March but maybe when I get back from that I'll do this. I used to go hiking with the ex-girl in highschool during summer a lot, I love just being outdoors, rock climbing, kayaking, all that shit.
I should have the zipwire up by next week. I'm rigging it over a pond that's 8-feet deep and has gators, snakes and snapper Ts. Then I'm putting in an O-course. When I get it all finished, I'm gonna start running people through it and make some money like Outward Bound. They got the right idea.

Of course there will be special discounts available. :D