Pakistani Hit Men


Verified Military
Aug 14, 2007
Been to Pakistan? I wouldn't fear them much... They can barely lift the AKs they have and it's hard to aim with your head bobbling side-to-side. ;)
Pakistan is a nation of people that are experts at standing around doing nothing. They are able to do it anywhere, anytime. If there were an X Games event for standing around, a Pakistani would win it everytime. I once saw a Pakistani standing around in the middle of what they consider a highway. I thought to myself, "Self, that is a bad as motherfucker right there, he's taken his craft to the next level."

Damn right - I also love their 0.2% unemployment. Of course this is because one haji stands there with a dustpan, another has a broom, another has a trash bag, another holds the door, and yet another directs the operation. In the US, one 7-yr old kid can do this, but in Pakistan, it is "job creation".

Did I mention I hate that f#$king country? Of course, their neighbors to the west work harder, but are 60 IQ points shorter. You can't win...