Offical Wannabe
Sep 24, 2009
I have been talking to my recruiter for a while now and am dead set on getting into the CCT pipeline. I leave for MEPS next Wednesday but already took the practice test and got an 80, I plan on putting CCT down as my job preference and taking the PAST test asap. I can pass the test with flying colors...all except the 500 meter swim. I have no experience in swimming distance and was wondering if anyone here would share advice, or could share how you prepared. I'm only a senior this year so I have plenty of time and I bought a YMCA membership. Been going three times a week (its a half hour drive for me) Just looking for as much advice as possible
Best of luck! Why not ask some of the locals - I'd bet the Y has some instructors. If not them, check with your high school's swim coach.
Best thing to do is just do it... swim a 100 one day, add more the next until you have reached your goal. Once there keep going and swim longer distances because 500 is only the minimum. Best of Luck!
Thank you everyone for you answers and support! And I will defiantly look at Total Immersion Swimming and, but right now I'm actually on my way to sign up for my ASVAB.
I was a long distance swimmer in HS and can now still at my age do 80 laps in about 40 min. Swimming is endurance. My advice on it is if you can breath on one of your strokes....mouth and eye just out of the water just as your right or left arm comes out of the water. I usually do 4 strokes, breath, 4 strokes breath....sometimes I will do 8 strokes then breath. Thats what I came up with on my longer distances. Try talking to a Y instructor about the technique that I was explaining if your not getting it. If you have any other questions PM me and I will answer them as I can. Good luck man.
if your meps does like mine did they will probably not let you list that job until you've taken the past and passed it, through your recruiter. if this is the case, make sure you hound your recruiter about it until you get to take it, because it's the only way to get the gtep contract for it. beyond that, don't hurt yourself before leaving, and good luck.
I will second the workouts one I'm a fanatic. To help you get started on swimming Stew Smith has decent beginner workouts on, they helped me back when I looked like I was drowning.

And to top it off, be open to all advice from anyone at the pool.. little technique critiques will go a long way. Best of luck on your PAST, when you take it post your scores/times!
I would recommend taking a swim lesson. I was a lifeguard / swim instructor for 3 years at a ymca. Its all most impossible to learn how to swim by yourself. When you enlist you may be able to get a free membership to the Y, Ask your recruiter it may have changed.

Good luck!
ANG, a few other DEP'rs and I tried getting the free Y membership.. It is only for active members of the military, not for inactive reserve status/ Delayed Entry guys. Just thought I'd share the info.