Performing or Getting off the Pot


Mar 18, 2019

I'm a 30 year old male, currently working in the IT world, no prior service. Started to prepare for the 18x contract two summers ago, but didn't feel it was for me for a variety of reasons. However, my former MMA coach and mentor (he's prior service to the SOC community) suggested I look into Pararescue, as he suggested the helping people aspect may better fit my person. That's what focused me on PJ, but the catalyst to take actual steps is my brother. After talking with my brother, who is currently going through the 18 series pipeline, he suggested I contact a recruiter and just see how what I think.

So, I met with and am now in contact with the AFSOC recruiter of my region, and am currently preparing for the ASVAB and PAST. Once I complete those I'll keep assessing whether this is a path I will pursue.

I completely understand how it's continually stated that you must know the "why," because that will be the mindset you cling to when the trial by fire is burning. However, I'm going through the first few steps to see what's revealed in me: do I really want this, or do I just want the idea of it? I'll continually test my motivation and desire until I make the decision one way or another.

Anyway, this forum join is part of that process.

Thanks for reading.