Polish SOF Regiment in Astan


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Jan 3, 2007
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Polish SOF Regiment in Iraq


Since the begining of Polish Military Forces 3rd deployment into Iraq the unit has suffered:
-19 attacks with the use of fire arms
-13 IED attacks
-3 mortar and RPG attacks
-1 VBIED atack
I had a company stationed at Camp Echo (ad Diwaniyah) which was also HQ for the Polish division (and other eastern European forces - the mess hall looked like the Bar Room scene in "Star Wars" with all the different uniforms and languages!). Good troops, generally. But sometimes it was tough to get their commanders to roll outside the wire.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the shot in front of the blue and gold wall near the beginning is the Ishtar Gate at Babylon. Flew over it but didn't get to walk the terrain.
Yes car you are correct. And I might add that Polish commanders generaly don't send out troops because they would be responsible if something would have happened.
HomoSovieticus unfortunatly :(:doh::bleh:

you sure this is astan? car you are right, that is the gate of ishtar. I walked the terrain with the poles back in 05 and managed to knock a section of a 5000 year old wall down :doh: crossing some open area en route to the hill top palace to make a comm shot. they have a gift shop there in addition to some nice paintings on the walls immediately following the gate. Theres also some statue of nebuchanezzar within a click or two and some old lion like 1/4 mile from the gate.
pretty interesting place and apparently Saddam wanted to turn the area into a disney land like attractiion.
Right Iraq - my bad :doh:

No worries.

It's not the "War in Iraq" and/or the "War in A-stan". It's a war against the jihadist. Iraq and A-stan are just theaters of that war.

Yeah, I know I sound like I'm talking Rummy-speak, but .......
Some recent pix from Iraq. The Unit is conducting CP ops.
(the guys in the olive suits)





The 1st. Special Regiment from Lubliniec is our Tier Two SOF unit. (GROM is considered Tier One - hopefully that will change)