Practice APFT( 6 weeks before the actual one for ROTC)


Army leadership training in progress...
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Jul 2, 2008
Ft. Sill, OK
APFT results for July:

~Push ups~
-66 reps/ 71 reps
-93 pts.

~Sit Ups~
-84 reps/ 76 reps
-100 pts.

~2 Mile Run~
-78 pts.

Total: 271

This is going to be my base-line. I am going to concentrate on improving on all events for the initial APFT come the first day at UD. Better than my initial APFT during my AROTC interview at Michigan State University. There, my total score was 249. Hopefully with a little extra work I can aquire an even higher score...
What happened with your run dude? Did you just run out of gas, get your pacing wrong or something else?
lol apparently I did run out of gas. My first mile was 6 minutes flat and my second one was 8:37 :doh:

I had to contend with two hills on my running path as well, which killed me in the latter part of my apft. Did not want to mention that b/c I hate excuses...