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May 22, 2011
Ft. Bragg , North Carolina
I'm slotted to go to Benning in Aug for B4 , and a few guys in my Unit were telling me to take the U.S. Training Center- Basic Military/LE Sniper class before I go. Has anyone done this before hand heading to the schoolhouse or is it just going to contradict everything they are going to teach down there ?

I've never been to the Benning course, but it's got to be just like every other course in the military- they teach you everything you need to know, then they confirm that you can do it. I went through SOTIC in the summer, and the one take away I can give you from that is get up on your PT- and do it in the heat. Go for a couple runs/rucks outside in the middle of the day- stalks in the heat can get pretty brutal for the unprepared.

Shooting a sniper rifle is exactly the same as shooting an M4, except you do a little math and make a couple of educated guesses before hand. Through formulas and measurements you determine range and wind (which to me, puts the "education" into the guess), you apply that data to your reticle and turrets, then you apply your fundamentals of marksmanship.
No big deal, you can do it.
If your command is offering to send you through a pre-course then take it, but if your talking about spending your own money to go then don't bother. The whole point of any basic sniper course is to take the uninitiated and train then up to where they need to be. They won't expect you to be a sniper when you get there, but they will expect you to be in shape motivated and ready to learn. As long as you have those things down they'll teach you the rest. And yes summer stalks suck. After four hours on the stalk lane in Hawaii in June my g-suit was soaked with my own sweat and I thought I was going to vomit. HAPPY HUNTING :D
Do all the research you can. posting will get you nowhere as noone will believe you and it wont really help anyway. PT your bootay off, in boots and with a full ruck, not just running shoes. and if you cant shoot, you'll be home soon anyway. So practice your fundementals, all the rest of the formula's you wont really grasp from reading here anyway until you get to apply with with an instructor near you. Same thing with fieldcraft, i read and read and read, but fieldcraft is really just the basics again, but thinking a lot more about what your doing and its effects, again, you just need to do it. The school is great, just be prepared to stay up late and study. Many dudes who didnt put the extra effort in went home. Give it 110% EVERYDAY. everyone hears about stalks being the hardest, its tough, but not the hardest, in my opinion anyway.. every graded event will send you packin just as easy as the others..