Prince William to train with the British SBS



LONDON, Nov. 21 (UPI) -- Britain's Prince William has reported for service in the Caribbean to take part in a Special Forces training exercise, a military source says.

The unidentified source said the 26-year-old member of the British royal family will be serving with the Special Boat Service as the military unit attempts to curb piracy and drug trafficking in the Caribbean region, The Daily Telegraph said Friday.
But the source was quick to point out that the military effort was simply a training exercise rather than a full-fledged operation, meaning William would likely not see combat.
"William will not face a conflict situation," the source said. "It's a training mission, not an operational one. It's a first for the Royals and is only possible because he's a trained soldier."
The Telegraph said William's reported involvement in the Caribbean exercise marks the second time the royal has served in the tropical region this year. William spent several weeks with the Royal Navy patrolling the Caribbean earlier in the year, the newspaper said. +
That's no joke. "Oh, I think I will run CQB exercises with SAS today. Charles, are you in?"
Man, I'd have SO much experience.

I'd like a few days running with their SRR. Or whatever they're calling the replacement for 14th Intel Co. :D
like father like son, Chuckee did some yippee dives with the same mob some time ago now.