Project Imminent Fury


May 3, 2010
old news, but I didn't see it posted here, so.......

Project Imminent Fury

U.S. Naval Special Warfare leases a new toy.

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From the get-go of Operation Enduring Freedom, the importance of being able to provide aerial surveillance and close-air support for SEAL/ASOF units operating in the mountains became drastically apparent. What many operators consider a watershed event for the ability was the Battle of Takur Ghar, some argue that if the Air Force AC-130 gunship had been able to stay on target and relay sensor intel and deliver munitions, the outcome of the battle would have been very different. Some in the Spec. ops. community argue that units have become too dependent on the technology advancements of the current AC-130 sensor arrays, and targeting capabilities/UAV drone capabilities; the other side is, we have the capabilities so why not utilize them.

The current needs of the NSW/SOCOM community can not always be meet by current Navy/Air force assets.

NSW/SOCOM needed small fixed wing ground pounders, that didn't need an established runway to operate, carried a shitload variety of munitions, and didn't need to refuel every 30 minutes, and UAV integration. Enter: The Brazilian EMB-314 Super Tucano. The Navy currently admits to having leased @ least 1 Super Tucano, which they have modified and outfitted to meet the immediate needs of the SEALs/SOCOM teams.

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