Question regarding Special Forces UW & FID Training and Equipment (unclassified)


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Sep 21, 2018
I have a question, but I'd like to pre-frame it by saying that I have no desire to violate the OPSEC or PERSEC of anyone, including myself. So, please excuse my query if I inadvertently go into classified territory, and I'm certain that this post will be understandably deleted.

I work for a manufacturer of MILES / DISE type Force on Force equipment. Right now Ukrainian forces are using this gear in the absence of U.S. Civil Affairs / Multi-National training forces in Yaroiv (this info. is publically available). When multi-national forces are present for training in Yaroiv everyone uses the DISE gear that PEO-STRI mandated for an upgrade in 2015. However, my company specializes in Simulation and Training equipment from small arms to ATGMs APERS mines and grenades and Ukraine forces use our much more affordable substitute. Several U.S. allies have adopted our gear in addition to the Ukraine SF, their Regular Army, and Guard, and as a result of training, the OSCE has reported a significant increase in hits with ATGMs on Russian thin-skinned vehicles.

Soon my company's equipment will be going through the stringent process of U.S. MIL-STD testing.

So, here is where U.S. Special Forces come into play. It's a young company and they have a competitive advantage related to affordability, for a robust product. So, the cost to purchase and maintain the equipment is low, especially in comparison to MILES. Also, the company provides VR and shoot-house applications.

So, here is my question - Given, the price advantage, and provided all the MIL-STDs are cleared, would an affordable array of MILES-type training gear be a welcome addition to 18Bs for the purposes of a UW and/or FID mission?

I ask this question because if the answer is yes, I'm keen on getting this gear into the hands of the warfighters our SF train in order to more efficiently train indigs to stick it to the enemy.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Find a solicitation the Government has posted for these systems. Read through any SOW or PWS and then the evaluation language in it. That will tell you what type of system and capabilities they are looking for as well as how they will evaluate whatever it is you are quoting.

The Government is getting away from Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) RFP's and RFQ's.
@BloodStripe Thanks for the very concise tip, much appreciated.

In your opinion, or to your understanding why do you think the government is getting away from LPTA? I certainly see the value in your advice and will put it to use.

I’m curious though, do you see any macro or sweeping movements or trends?