Ranger Cookout Event


Verified SOF
Jul 22, 2008
Madison, WI
Last year some of the members of the US Army Ranger Association who live in the upper-Midwest organized a summer cookout event that was open to all Rangers, regardless of whether they were a member of the USARA. The idea was to give Rangers who might not have an opportunity to travel to a Ranger Rendezvous at Benning or one of the other the national events sponsored by the USARA, 75RRA, or other organizations a chance to get together with fellow Rangers for an afternoon of fun and camaraderie. Those who were able to attend have reported that it was well worthwhile.

In light of the positive experience last year, we would like to see if there is interest in having a similar even this summer. Obviously, those that are in the upper Midwest might have greater interest, but since I had people from as far away as Wichita and Dallas emailing me about last year's event I thought I would send this to everyone. If you are interested, there are two issues in particular about which I would like your input: the date and location.

First, with regard to the date, last year the event was held on July 31. A suggestion has been made that it might be better to move the event to an earlier date to avoid any vacations that people tend to take in late summer. With that, I would propose that the date of this year’s event be scheduled for Saturday, June 18.

Second, as mentioned above, last year’s event was hosted in Silver Lake Park, which is located just west of Kenosha, Wisconsin. This location was chosen because, according to USARA roster information, it was the most centrally located venue available given the geographic distribution of Rangers living in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. An alternative site in the Rockford/Beloit area was also considered, but given Kenosha’s proximity to both Chicago and Milwaukee it was thought to be a better location. All of last year’s attendees (who were all from Illinois and Wisconsin) were pleased with the location, but we would be happy to consider other centrally located sites if it would mean that more Rangers could attend.

As with last year’s event, this year’s would be open to all Rangers, regardless of their affiliation with any particular association or membership organization. With that in mind, please feel free to share this information with others. Please feel free to send any feedback to me through SS, or you can email directly at twest@sbglaw.com.