Research favors Celox


Jul 23, 2009

OBJECTIVES: Uncontrolled hemorrhage remains a leading cause of traumatic death. Several topical adjunct agents have been shown to be effective in controlling hemorrhage, and two, chitosan wafer dressing (HemCon [HC]) and zeolite powder dressing (QuikClot [QC]), are being utilized regularly on the battlefield.

I did a search and could not find any reference to this article. This is only an abstract, but I figured it might be useful. It seems, at least in the pig models, Celox is the clear winner.

In my bags, I pack both, Celox and Quickclot, I've never used Hemocon. I've only used Celox once for a puncture wound made from a Phillips screwdriver. It worked pretty good, certainly not a panacea, but effective.
I like Celox, but I can't get my grubby gorilla hands on it or any of the other granulated substances.... but I have Combat Gauze, by God.... in spades. so I pack that in addition to the standard kerlix/ETB/Ace wrap load...