RobH's Introduction


Oct 26, 2011
Hello everyone. I am a E-1 and currently in the DEP (now call the FSTP Futre Soldier Training Program) for the Army. Im 18 years old, and Im a senior in HighSchool. I ship out to OSUT in July. I enlisted back in May as a 11x when I was 17 and a junior. Im currently shooting for the option 40 but I have to wait untill next year for my window to open. I've always wanted to be in the Regiment and I will be in the Regiment , so you will probably see me in the 75th Ranger Regiment Fourm alot...

Im not going to be blind to the obsivious; Yes I am young and inexperinced compared to everyone here so I wont make myself look like a dumbass, but don't judge me for a 'stupid' question.
Welcome to the site.
x 1 to what Cback said.
You might want to cut back (read: eliminate) on the bold statements in your very first post.
You have a long road ahead of you, I wish you the best of luck.
Also there young stud your avatar has 24 hours to be different. You are not in the army and should not represent yourself as such. I am happy to help mentor you but you need to follow the rules and do the right thing.
Welcome to SS. Hope you have had some time in Varsity level sports, it teaches more than you think it does. We need well trained, and well educated members in our military.

RF 1
Welcome. I'll echo the initial issues that others have already pointed out. I was getting ready to write the same thing but others beat me to it. Plenty of learning to be done here.
Welcome to SS and good luck in achieving your goals. My advice in no particular order is; Never quit, open your eyes and ears, gain control of your ego and concentrate on your 25 meter target.