Royal Marines In Daring Amphibious Raid In Somalia


Verified Military
Verified Military
Oct 24, 2006
The commandos carried out a dramatic amphibious landing using Viking armoured vehicles launched from landing craft, according to the Daily Mail.

Heavily-armed personnel from 539 Assault Squadron pushed deep inland through the lawless zone to seize the influential clan chief.

He was taken off for talks with MI6 and Foreign Offfice officials aboard a Royal Navy support ship ancored off the coast, centring on issues such as terrror training camps and the seizing of hostages.
I hope they milk him for all the intel he's good for and then dump his body at sea.

Nicely done, Marines!
Daring because the Pols finally had enough balls to OK the mission.
That said, nice job by a well trained and led force.
The other clan chiefs just learned a lesson about going to Kenya and kidnapping people.
We should either quarantine Somalia or just invade and wipe out the militias.
Well the world needs to do something about them. Groups like al-Shabaab rake in over $50 million/year from the Somali ports alone.
Great Job Marines. If it doesn't spoil OPSEC who gets him when you are done? That is if there is anything left.
One of the things I love about the U.K. is their willingness to use overwhelming force to get their men- friend or foe. If it's their own men, they will roll a tank column down your main street and ram the prison front door down in broad daylight at high noon. If it's a tribal chief in the asscrack of Coastal Africa, they will launch a battalion sized full amphibious assault and take him at the point of a bayonet. What's not to love about that?

Every once in a great while, the politicians stand aside long enough for the glory of Britain to shine once again.