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Jan 22, 2010
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Hi guys,

some pics from russia... with special police units (swat)


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Hi, it's OMON, not OMOM my friend. I have seen few of them and their big trucks in Moscow last year, they were preparing for some russian national holiday celebration. Rgds, M.
To be fair, in post Soviet countries, even riot police is often publicaly referred to as special unit / spetsnaz.
To be fair, in post Soviet countries, even riot police is often publicaly referred to as special unit / spetsnaz.
Originally spetsnaz was applied to the DOD special mission units. But everyone needs a legend and some wanna be that legend. SpN units are not rubber, they can't accommodate everybody who wish joining. The attrition is high even now when it's not so popular among youngsters. When I knew more on the problem it was only 6,7-8% PASS for the initial training for the naval part of the community and a bit higher for the army part... So those who FAIL go other places and make them fancy by legends and fashionable words. Spetsnaz is a very fashionable word here...
I thought Russian smu was Alpha group.
And it is. The idea is we have a bit another approach to the special operations. We have different agencies that have different tasks. Alpha belongs to FSB and is tasked of getting terrorists, sabouters and intelligence agents mostly friendly territories or as you would have said, in the US CONUS and OCONUS. FSB has some more SF that are also SMUs, but for another mission.
DOD also has SMUs for now, it is called SSO.
But Alpha was activated in 1974. SSO somewhere around 2010. The early spetsnaz units (companies) were activated in 1950. These were the ultimate SMUs for that years tasked to find and destroy nucler warheads, missiles and lauhching pads, as well as other strategic targets. The reason was simple: no satteltes, no recon aviation and no precision guided munitions to detect and destroy a real threat for sure. So Spetsnaz is a bit elder than these elite guys:)