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Civil Affairs
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Oct 13, 2010
Bush Valley
I need more room and more cash, so here it goes...

SureFire FK3-TN KIT01 (Replacement head for M951/M962 weapon lights) Gives you 150 lumens of white LED light and 120Mw of IR light. (New in the Box) SureFires price is $299, I want $205 shipped

SureFire Helmet light HL1-A-TN New in Box....SureFire's price is $190, I'm aksing $105 shipped

MSA ACH-ARC , same as the Ops Core system (Accessory Rail Connector) New in Box but missing one Picatinny adapter (Normally has two) These sell for $83, I need $50 shipped

Streamlight Military Sidewinder compact helmet light, Tan, New in Box $50 shipped

BlackHawk S.O.F.T. Safety Lanyard, OD Part # 990453OD $17.00 shipped (New in Box)

Boyt Hard/Soft combo gun case, inner gun bag is Tan, New in Box. This system retails for $386, my price is $225 shipped. Dimensions 36.5" x 15" x 6" / 36" x 12" x 2.5"{56D0D03E-39C4-4E15-9F5D-51A1B14233E4}

Trades offers welcome