Verified Military
Aug 14, 2007
The world's elite Special Operations Forces, including those from the Austrian Special Forces are bringing along man's best friend on secret missions, and it seems like they aren't the only ones:
...The SAS has adapted similar techniques and, according to special forces sources, bought a number of American-trained dogs for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. The dogs used by the British are fitted with a head camera, allowing special forces to see inside insurgent compounds, and Kevlar body armour. As well as reconnaissance, the animals are trained to attack anyone carrying a weapon, although it is claimed that they will not attack those who are unarmed...
During my visual tracking course we had an old dog handler wheeled in to have a chat with us, he said one of the first things he learned was to make sure the dog had done it's business prior to a winch insertion, apparently there is nothing worse than starting a task coverd in dog piss. :)
Classic! :D By the looks of the dog in the picture, that sphincter is definitely shut.
Caption This:

SAS: Woo Hoo!!! number 856 in the log book!!!

SAS K9: Well Fuck ME!!! I thought my brother in the shelter had it bad... It looks fucking cold down there... Where is a friggin hydrant when you need one.
Ok, so you've got full combat gear, weapon, O2 cyclinder, O2 mask, Gentex helmet, chute, reserve chute, tac board, and now a friggin dog ??? :uhh:

Does the the K9 get blood wings or just a nice walk to take a shit when they hit the deck ??
Depends on the temp, windspeed and length of time of descent, dog can be very tolerant to cold weather.
I'm also wondering how damn difficult it may be to stabilize with a K9 moving around on your front straps....................:D
There was a skydiver that would tuck his dachsund in his jump suit, the dog had numerous jumps. I know the Army in or around WWII experimented with jumping dogs in with a paratrooper, the dog replaced the ruck.

I'm sure more than a few puppies didn't care for the experience.