SEAL amazes scientists/doctors


May 3, 2010
Great Episode of Natgeo's show Fight Science: Super Soldiers episode.

1st test is how does a Navy SEAL operate in cold water environments and what are the effects on his physical and mental abilities. The SEAL goes on to baffle modern medical science with his ability to actually RAISE and MAINTAIN his body core temp. will submerged in a tank of ice water for over an hour, then completes some physical and shooting tasks with deadly skill.

The S-13 operator demonstrating some Krav Maga by disarming a hostile, it's just simply amazing how fast this guy pulls it off.

So check it out, you won't be disappointed,

Not able to watch the video yet, but I remember watching I believe The Tonight Show and he had a guest outside in a pool of ice. He was able to maintain himself for the duration of the show and talk about the common misconception of dealing with the cold water.
I remember seeing this.. The SEAL fella said that the ice tank wasn't as bad as the "laying-in-surf" training they'd go through for SEAL... So he considered himself lucky.

It's amazing his performance was better (time and accuracy) after the ice bucket session.