SEALs taking a new mini-sub for a test drive.


May 3, 2010
SEALs taking a new mini-sub for a test drive.​

In July of last year, SOCOM decided that NSW's ASDS (Advanced SEAL Delivery Vehicle) would not be repaired after suffering a fire caused while recharging the vessel batteries while @ port in Pearl Harbor. The Navy estimated the cost to repair the damaged unit could run $237 million, which is $180 million more that SOCOM had allocated for the project's service budget. The idea of the ASDS, an enclosed long duration mini-sub, has not been dropped from SOCOM's agenda. The Northrop Grumman produced ASDS was still in the field testing stage when the vessel meet it's demise. The current project to replaced or supplement the ASDS role will be the Joint Multi-Mission Submersible (JMMS), which SOCOM will allocated $43.4 million to the R/D, prototype phase.

(Photo: Honolulu Star Bulletin)

The NEWER NEWS on the subject.
Recently it was announced SDVT-1 has been testing a new public sector mini-sub produced by Submergence Group LLC. The unit is known as the S301. Apparently the Navy already leased at-least one unit sometime last year, as the Grumman ASDS had experienced countless issues since it's delivery.

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Are SEALS still using the DPD from StiddMIL?

Yeah the StiddMIL DPD or Swimmer Transport Device (STD) are still in the NSW inventory ( and I think the USMC has a couple hundred of them) and able to be used, the "STD's" were purchased for the ASDS project for SEALs/SOF to get to and from the ASDS.

I believe other Swimmer Scooters that were tested or used to some extent in the teams include: