Seeking SF Mentor - REP 63 Contract


Oct 20, 2017
Hello, my name is Sebastian, and I am currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have recently enlisted in the Ohio National Guard as a REP-63 hoping to join the 19th Group. I ship out January 29th of next year to OSUT.

I am looking for a mentor to work with over the next 6+ months prior to selection.

I have been training towards selection for 2 years. My current PT scores with strict form are as follows:
  • Push-ups – 72 (2 min)
  • Pull-ups – 14
  • Sit-ups – 70 (2 min)
  • 2-mile run – 11:30
  • 6-mile run – 38 minutes
  • Rucking: Currently I am rucking 2x per week
    • 1 hour quick during the week, and a long distance ruck during the weekend, with 50 lbs. dry weight and 10 lbs. in hand.
    • I have been building up from 40 lbs. on my way up cautiously to 70 lbs. over the course of the next 3 months.
I am currently following the “Selected!” workout regimen (, studying the Map Reading and Land Navigation manual, Ranger handbook, and plan on continuing to do so pending advice and guidance from a mentor.

My short term goals over the next 3 months are to improve upon my land navigation skills, continue building a rucking base, improve mobility and durability, solidify my nutrition strategy, and bump my calisthenic test scores up.

Prior to selection I am going to perform several endurance challenges to prime the pump for mental toughness and fortitude.