SF route w/o 18x contract?


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May 8, 2013
Under the Sea
I know alot of people Pre-9/11 that went to SFAS and passed with no issues. I bring this up only to add confidence in your goal and add to what has already been said that hard work makes anything achievable! I'll bring up 3 things I saw that helped guys go from Normal UNITS to never be seen again.

1] Dont expect to get time off PT to Prep:
We didnt get PT off in the 90's unless God told 1SG it was OK. There was no fancy names for PT, you just ran 60 minutes on Ardennes Monday thru Friday and did something your E6 thought was painful for another 30 min. Everyone that was successful at SFAS did this 90 min of retard time in the AM and then another workout after work. Sometimes they found friends with like minded goals, sometimes they just walked by themselves for miles or with future wives...

2] Be creative with PT during Prep:
We went to the field at least once a month for 5 days in the 90's as well. This would probably affect most people's goal however not these hard chargers I'm talking about. They would find a way to PT no matter their surroundings. One might say this was the early days of crossfit, find heavy items outside of a gym and moving them for no reason other them to achieve a greater goal and that goal is passing SFAS. The further your job is away from Infantry, The more heavy stuff you can find..ie fuel cans, camo nets, ATV's, Humvees, ISUs....

3] Dont baby your body:
We were dumb in the 90's. We believed in conspiracy theories and didn't have science yet. We treated our bodies bad by drinking alot, never sleeping and then following it with motrin and water because that's what Sarge said to do. Believe it or not, the muscle head types that ate rice and chickon and looked pretty didn't do so well when they were forced to eat like shit and go without sleep. This doesnt mean eat and Drink like a viking, just dont expect to find KETO MREs...yet...lol!!

Good luck with your Journey!

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