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Jun 2, 2011
Central PA
I am 32 and on TDRL and going to be returning to the military and looking to go to selection with the NG or 18X program. Any advice? I have all day every day to prepare. I am looking to go this time next year and will just have turned 33 (what is opinion on age?). I currently swim twice a day and have started Crossfit. I also have the book Get Selected. I am out of shape and focusing on that, now that I am good to go. I am looking for a mentor. I am willing to travel and meet to learn hands on to prep. Any advice on civilian run programs that would help prep i.e. mapping reading ect. I do not pretend to know anything so looking for help from people that have lived it.

Thank You
There are 195 threads that reference SFAS on this board alone - I got those results from just searching on SFAS in the search area above. You have failed. You are a non-select.

There are 77 results for land navigation. Multi-fail. did you you even search for anything you wanted to know? Or did you just ask for somebody else to give you the answers?

You should be ashamed and embarassed.

SFAS and special Forces require at least a modicum of self reliance and self motivation.

Oh, BTW, I really don't give a rat's ass if this post hurts your feelings or reduces your already low self esteem - because your original post is proof you are not Special Forces material, at least at this time, and you don't have a whole hell of a lot of time to correct that.
Thank You for the help! Feelings not hurt and no concerns with low self esteem. I did search for my specific answers. I will roll on thank you.

Did research the answers and found many threads on Land Navigation although no ones speaking on civilian run programs. I have researched many civilian map and outdoor programs although it would be best to hear from people that have went through it or prior SF that have courses. I also saw many threads on age although mostly comments of the age they went through. Nothing specific on if there is a variation of prep with age.
I would start reading about COL Aaron Bank, GEN William Yarborough, or MAJ Richard "Dick" Meadows if you are looking for mentors.

I would also do more reading here and elsewhere on the www. You haven't really exhausted all the avenues available to you in your search for assistance.

Thank you will continue on and not ask anymore question until I have exhausted every avenue. Apologies for the waste of time. Thank you for setting me straight SF Medic and Surgicalcric.