Shooter deceased after rampage in rural Nova Scotia

OK this is getting fucky. These tweets have footage of the altercation that lead to Officer Steven's one's death. It appears that RCMP ERT were on the scene. From previous reports I was under the impression that she was alone.

So is ERT analogous to our SWAT teams?

If I'm following this right, they somehow mistoke her for the shooter and kill her?

Whole situation is getting super FUBAR
I understand, but they have non-bank customers too. At least in the US they do.

Businesses have accounts as well. But he withdrew from an account at a bank branch. By policy, it would have been shipped by armoured car to the branch and picked up there. That's bank policy, not Brinks.

@Cookie_ yes the RCMP ERT is like SWAT. And yes this is getting beyond super FUBAR.

Emergency Response Team
So the shooter was a known gun and drug smuggler. This is the case they use to take our legal guns away.

Nova Scotia gunman smuggled drugs and guns from U.S., newly released information says | The Chronicle Herald
Wow the gunman's life reads like it's straight out of a crappy spy novel. The shitbag was an RCMP informant who was a longtime drug and gun smugger O_o. Yeah, that sounds shady as fuck. Willing to bet this goes a lot higher.

Good luck Rack, I hope you guys are able to stop this asinine bullshit. I'm sorry bud.
And the report is out. The current government and Trudeau's lackey, RCMP Commissioner; interfered with an active investigation into the worst mass shooting in our history. All to push their anti-gun agenda. Leading to now, amending the same ban to include hunting rifles and shotguns. The idiots that support them, will still vote for them because guns are bad... :rolleyes:

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