<Smile story of the day> Video captures Wis. student saving friend's life


Sep 12, 2012
LA CROSSE, Wis. — A Wisconsin high school student is being called a hero for using the Heimlich maneuver to rescue a choking friend in the school cafeteria.

Video of the incident shows several students at La Crosse's Central High School eating lunch when one of them, Will Olson, begins to choke on a cheese curd. After several seconds his friend, Ian Brown, calmly walks over, put his arms around Olson's abdomen, and presses upward several times before successfully dislodging the food from Olson's airway.

Brown learned the technique in a youth program put on by the La Crosse Police Department. He tells ABC News , "I was just doing what I was trained to do."

Heimlich hero: Video captures Wis. student saving friend's life

To add:
Since everything came out okay, I do have to laugh about the fact that the student was choking on a cheese-curd. Friggin' Wisconsin!

Also, you can literally watch his arms getting redder the longer his choking goes on...

That is just a great piece of video. No drama, just guiet, competent application of a life saving intervention for a friend. Even after the rescue, the focus is on the guy who just got saved. Nicely done!!

When I first saw that on the early morning news, those were my exact thoughts. He saw his friend in need, moved to action, then followed-up with no fanfare.

Good on him for a job well-done! Glad to see that he had the maturity to act when needed without panicking.