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Are your kids using the reticle to aid in calculating the mils? lol i havent tried it yet, It might be cool for range estimation...depending on the graphics.
uh..I dont know

I have no idea what they are doing playing on my computer and looking at shadowspear. They just said this is cool mom!:uhh:
The ballistics on it are actually pretty good. The mils are pretty accurate, I did the range-e formula they taught us at school (height in inches times the constant: 25.4, divided by mils) and it gets you pretty close to the range. I don't know what the exact height of the bad guys in inches is supposed to be so I just used 67.5 and that usually gets me within 10 to 15 meters. Windage is a little hard to judge, the only thing you have to go off of is the smoke from the bad guys fire. I like being able to see the trace from the round too. My guess is the character you play as is a real badass, there's no recoil and he cycles the bolt like a champ. All in all, its a pretty fun little sim.