Solar Charge Mobile Phones and AA Batteries


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Aug 14, 2007
Notice the size of the charger is only slightly larger than a cellphone.

There have been others like this out there, but this is the first one I've seen with a decent compact design.

Having been a long way from civilization without spare batteries for my phone, I find this to be an excellent solution. I'll let you all know when my unit arrives, after I've sufficiently tested it.

The unit is $22 US, and highly rated.

This is a Folding Pocket Solar Charger. It comes with a battery charging unit for charging 4 AA or 4 AAA rechargeable batteries at a time. The power cord has a pre wired multiplug connector. It will fit common power supply ports on your electronic devises. It has a blocking diode to prevent reverse flow at night. The rugid housing unfolds to expose the solar panel to the sun. It also comes with a belt clip that will alow you to clip it to your backpack, purse or belt. The omni plug fits the Nokia Cell phone pictured, but it may not be suitable for all cell phones. Rechargable batteries and cell phone pictured are not included. What you get: 6 volt, 200 mA folding solar panel. AA, AAA battery charger unit (batteries not included) Power cord with Omni plug Belt clip Wire junction (to replace battery charger when not in use)


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For heavier duty purposes, I found something that can charge a laptop, or a car battery:

Haynes 6 or 12 Volt Amorphorous Solar Panel Battery Charger- Model 1

The key to this unit is that it includes the regulator- the component which prevents over-charging and the destruction that is wreaked on batteries left unattended or trickle charging for a long period of time.

At $42 its a steal, too. Includes battery alligator clamps but also comes with cigarette lighter plug in adaptor.


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Those look really good. For those looking into similar stuff or for more "robust" chargers, here's some links. ;)

A great list of solar energy manufacturers around the world grouped by what they make.

Portable/flexible solar chargers of all sizes. Even make Mil Std versions. ;)

This company makes all sorts of products, ranging for foldable solar chargers to solar field shelters; a lot of the products are geared to Mil use. ;)