Son Tay 40 Years Ago


Rest In Peace
Oct 19, 2006
On the night of the 20th of November 1970, the North Vietnamese were treated to an aggressive demonstration of Pres. Nixon’s concern for the welfare of US prisoners – the raid on the Son Tay POW camp. Although no POW's were rescued (the enemy had moved them to other facilities), the raid serves as a model of a well-planned and -executed joint special operation.

Although the problem of compartmented intelligence prevented the raiders from knowing that they were most likely going into an empty prison, they believed that the effort was worth it anyway.

Marked by outstanding organization, planning, training, and unity of effort, “Operation Kingpin” badly embarrassed the North Vietnamese. Warriors All.

Heroes....all of them!


"Son Tay Awards for Valor"

United States Army

Distinguished Service Cross

COL Arthur D. Simons
LTC Elliot P. Sydnor
CPT Richard J. Meadows
MSG Thomas J. Jemmer
SFC Tyrone J. Adderly
SSG Thomas E. Powell

Silver Star

LTC Joseph R. Cataldo
CPT Thomas W. Jaeger
CPT James W. McClam
CPT Dan H. McKinney
CPT Eric J. Nelson
CPT Glenn R. Rouse
CPT Daniel Turner
CPT Udo H. Walther
1LT George W. Petrie, Jr.
MSG Calen C. Kittleson
MSG Joseph W. Lupyak
MSG Billy K. Moore
MSG Herman Spencer
SFC Donald D. Blackard
SFC Earl Bleacher, Jr.
SFC Leroy N. Carlson
SFC Anthony Dodge
SFC Freddie D. Doss
SFC Jerry W. Hill
SFC Marion S. Howell
SFC John Jakovenko
SFC Jack G. Joplin
SFC Daniel Jurich
SFC David A. Lawhon, Jr.
SFC Gregory T. McGuire
SFC Billy R. Martin
SFC Charles Masten
SFC Donald R. Wingrove
SFC Joseph M. Murray
SFC Noe Quezada
SFC Lorenzo Robbins
SFC Ronnie Strahan
SFC Salvador M. Suarez
SFC Donald E. Taapken
SFC William L. Tapley
SFC Richard W. Valentine
SSG Charles G. Ericson
SSG Kenneth E. McMullen
SSG Walter L. Miller
SSG Robert F. Nelson
SSG David Nickerson
SSG Paul F. Poole
SSG John E. Rodriquez
SSG Lawrence Young
SGT Terry L. Buckler
SGT Gary D. Keel
SGT Keith R. Medenski
SGT Franklin D. Roe
SGT Patrick St. Clair
SGT Marshal A. Thomas

Distinguished Flying Cross

1LT George W. Williams
CWO Ronald J. Exley
CWO Jackie H. Keele
CWO John J. Ward

United States Air Force

Distinguished Service Medal

Brigadier General Leroy J. Manor

Air Force Cross

LTC John V. Allison
LTC Warner A. Britton
MAJ Frederic M. Donahue
MAJ Herbert D. Kalen
TSG Leroy M. Wright

Silver Star

LTC Albert P. Blosch
LTC Royal A. Brown, Jr.
LTC Herbert R. Zehnder
MAJ Eustace M. Bunn
MAJ Irl L. Franklin
MAJ John Gargus
MAJ James R. Grochnauer
MAJ Alfred C. Montrem
MAJ Kenneth D. Murphy
MAJ Harry L. Pannill
MAJ Edwin J. Rhein
MAJ Richard S. Skeels
MAJ John C. Squires
CAPT John M. Connaughton
CAPT David M. Kender
CAPT Norman C. Mazurek
CAPT Thomas L. Stiles
CAPT William D. Stripling
CAPT Thomas R. Waldron
MSgt Harold W. Harvey
MSgt David V. McLeod, Jr.
MSgt Maurice F. Tasker
TSgt Dallas R. Criner
TSgt Billy J. Elliston
TSgt William E. Lester
TSgt Charles J. Montgomery, Jr.
TSgt Jimmy O. Riggs
TSgt Paul W. Stierwalt
TSgt Lawrence Wellington
SSgt Daniel E. Galde
SSgt Melvin B. D. Gibson
SSgt Aron P. Hodges
SSgt Donald LaBarre
SSgt James J. Rogers
SSgt Angus W. Sowell, III
I can tell you the fact they went and tried was a great moral booster for both the captives and the people fighting.
What a great time when action came before the press release or the second guessing command post live stream video.
I owe you all a great deal past and present.