Special Operations Exo Suit


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Aug 14, 2007
The future is now.

Warfare on the ground will soon be revolutionized. Special Operations forces will soon be able to run faster, jump higher, and carry more weight further, in less time, arriving at their objectives with more energy. When combined with heavy armor, these troops will be virtually unstoppable. Some versions promise to be remotely controlled, which in theory could carry out robotic missions, or even carry its "passenger/operator" back to safety. Heavier weapons could be carried, including traditionally crew-served guns, exponentially increasing firepower.

That is insane... goodbye painful roadmarches, hello 100 pounds of ammo :D
I'm just wondering if it actually increases augments human strength or merely makes heavy tasks easier to perform.

Lifting 200 lbs all day is pretty impressive but having the machine buckle at 210 would suck balls. Anyone get what I'm saying?

While cool, nothing in that video seems beyond the realm of human ability.
The bigger thing for me would be how fast you would be able to move in that thing. If it has the ability to make/help you run even just a bit faster without being/becoming tired then it is something of a big deal. Imagine being able to hump a larger weapon, more ammo AND being able to move out all day long without becoming worn down or going into muscle fatigue.

This is Starship Troopers.
I think in its present form it is an augmentation only.
but if it could go on to perform tasks independently and it were armored we have a whole different ball game.
Though you may need all that capability to carry the power source for the suit (though technology will catch up with that).
a.) In its later versions, it will carry its own mobile power source. This probably means it will have rechargeable, removable power cells- probably like a couple of advanced modified automobile-batteries.

b.) It can be outfitted with armor- which is just an amazing concept. A personal, wearable "tank", which when outfitted with optics and commo reminds me of Robo Cop.

c.) it "senses" your movement, and augments your strength and seems agile enough to tippy-toe and dance in. That's pretty impressive.

d.) these prototypes lift 200lbs, but if deeper pockets get involved, stronger and more sensitive versions will likely be developed. I think we'll see all-titanium (or alloy) versions, lifting 500 to 1,000 kilos within a few years.

e.) It'll be interesting to see them armed with much heavier weapons systems. A 40mm Mk-19 and Vulcan on each shoulder?
Seems interesting , but it doesn't seem that it would move to fast in a RLH situation , on the upside though it would be great for supplies, and if armed,and armored it could become a mobile heavy weapons platform , or maybe even a small fire base if you could pack on a couple of mortars, or a small howitzer.

Anyways props to the R&D guys who made it:cool:
Just saw Iron Man not too long ago. . .couldn't help but be reminded of it watching this. Add the liquid ballistic stuff to it . . .
The thing I love about this is that its like the guy said at the end, 80 or 90 years ago nobody could even imagine that a WWI bi plane would evolve into the F-22. Just imagine what this thing will look like in 10 years. With the way technology is going it will eventualy evolve into something that really is similar to Iron man. I mean hell, it migh not be able to fly or move at twenty miles an hour, but if you could take and dish out the type of punishment that I'm thinking of and hall 200 or 300 pounds would you really need to?
What happens if you fall on your back in that thing?
Lots of advancement going on.

Falling down won't be a problem, I believe.

There is technology which will give this thing better balance than a cat on a fence. It could probably be integrated into the suit.

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