Springfield Armory XD45


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Jun 13, 2007
el desierto
I went to the Range yesterday, and I had the pleasure of putting a box of ammo through on of these. I also put a box through a Glock 21, and a 1911A1, also a Springfield weapon. I also shot the HK USP in .40 S&W... I like the feel of the HK, but it's a hand cannon in terms of size. trying to conceal it would be quite difficult. if I could carry it out in the open, say in a drop leg or something, then maybe... or as an LEO as a duty weapon like my cousin. but otherwise, it's too damn big. nice piece, though. I think I fell in love with the XD. the Glock didn't impress me in the least. it's an ok weapon, i think if it was dirt cheap or a gift I would get one, but I'm not paying what they want for one when the XD is a better piece, IMO. the 1911 was a nice weapon overall. easy to operate, single action with a hammer you can cock yourself, and an easy to use safety, all in all I think I may own one some day as it was a great weapon to teach my brother how to shoot a pistol. (the other purpose for going besides a possible purchase and wanton bullet firing). I taught him the basics: muzzle awareness with a handgun, trigger discipline and the importance of keeping your finger off of the trigger while loading a mag or handling the weapon, how to clear jams, how to check the chamber, basically everything but field stripping, and that was because stripping a weapon (especially one I hadn't bought yet) was against the range rules. next time, though. but he loved the XD, and I did too, and the 1911 was a close second. they were both fun to put rounds downrange with. I believe I'll be doing it again soon, I definitely recommend it for those of you young enough (or old enough) to have 16 y.o. brothers.

now, where can i get the best deal on an XD45? the shop i went to wanted $589.99 for the case, double mag holder, plastic holster, compact mag, full-size mag with grip extension, manuals, and a black compact 5" XD 45 pistol. basically everything you get from SA in the case when you buy one. but I don't like to buy something from anyone i don't know without either references or checking for a better price. so, anyone? thoughts?
I have one in 9mm and I really like it. I am a big Sig guy, but they are too expensive and the XD was just the right gun for the money. You will enjoy it if you buy it.