St. Louis Hosts First Big Iraq Parade


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Sep 9, 2006
So, as we all know, the war in Iraq is over. But did we win? If so, where are the parades? The speeches? The celebrations? If we didn't win, why not? Who is to blame? It's almost like those in power want the vets to fade into the background, as if the war never happened. Well, it did happen. I served three tours there, and many of my comrades served more than that. I was fortunate enough to return home physically and mentally intact, but many of my comrades did not. At least St. Louis cares enough to recognize that.

People in the crowd waved American flags and held signs reading, "Welcome Home" and "God Bless Our Troops." Fire trucks with aerial ladders hoisted three huge American flags along the route.
Two St. Louis men launched a grass-roots effort to hold the parade after noticing there'd been no large public celebrations to welcome troops home.