Syrian Arms Dealer Sniped From Sea


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Aug 14, 2007
A few weeks ago:

A Syrian General, and known supplier of arms to Hezbollah, has been gunned down, with the long-distance, lethal shots coming from the direction of the sea:

CAIRO, Aug. 4 -- A Syrian general shot to death at a beach resort over the weekend was a top overseer of his country's weapons shipments to Hezbollah, according to opposition Web sites and Arab and Israeli news media. Syria by late Monday had issued no reaction to widespread reports of the assassination of Brig. Gen. Mohammed Suleiman near the Syrian port city of Tartous on Friday night. Maher al-Assad, head of Syria's Republican Guards and a brother of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, attended Suleiman's funeral Sunday, the Reuters news agency said, citing unidentified sources.

The Syrian president is on a state visit to Iran. His government enforces rigid secrecy about security matters. The Free Syria Web site of Abdul Halim Khaddam, a former Syrian vice president now living in exile, said a sniper on a yacht shot Suleiman. The Saudi-owned Asharq al-Awsat newspaper said he was struck by four bullets fired from the direction of the sea. Suleiman, 49, was known to have been a top security official, a friend to Syria's president and his brothers since their youth, and a former schoolmate of at least one of the brothers.

Washington Post Foreign Service

Some dissension among various parties over direction, trajectory, point of origin, caliber, etc.:
...Iranian media yesterday quoted "informed sources" as claiming that the sniper was an Israeli. Israel declined to confirm or deny any connection with the killing. But Israeli sources suggested that the ongoing indirect peace talks between Israel and Syria meant this was unlikely to be the case.

Syria's tightly controlled official media did not report on the killing. But Syrian sources confirmed that Suleiman was shot by a silenced weapon in the head and neck on a beach at al-Rimal al-Zahabiyeh resort near Tartous, where, like other privileged Syrians, he owned a chalet. He dealt with "sensitive stuff", said one.

One distinct possibility is that the killing may have been an internal settling of scores. A Syrian with high-level contacts inside the regime linked it to a power struggle between Assad and his military intelligence chief, Assef Shawkat, set off by the Mughniyeh killing.
Israel declined to confirm or deny any connection with the killing.

Well no shit. I would do the same thing.

"No we did not do it" Liars
"Yes we did it" Bullies
No answer...fucking paranoia on Syria's part
More like one of his Hez buddies was pissed off that the guy was nailing one of his wives, and sprayed him down with some AK fire... and they're trying to pin it on the Israelis.
Israel has big balls, and they can't afford to sit around and the wait for UN diplomacy. They have their freedom at stack, there not exactly an entire ocean away from those would like to see them wiped off the face of the earth.

They would never confirm a "Hit" on a high level target of opportunity, but they would tell the UN to "FUCK OFF" after hitting nuclear plants in Syria. They've done it before.

UN: "You need UN authorization to hit targets in Syria

Israel: "Yeah, so now you've been informed about our hit" ;)
Nice, haven't heard about anything like this before sounds like a hit or like what Marauder said :D