Taurus 444 Ultralite



Has anybody gotten hold of one of these? I'm thinking about it. 6-shot 44 mag multi-alloy wheel gun, hip carry, only 28 oz. I'm thinkin she might kick like a mule.

Awsome. I just sold one of the "little" (8 shot) S&W .357magnums, very similar.
That's some serious firepower on your hip in a reasonably small package.
The price isn't bad considering a Smitty model 10 is going for $500-$600 these days (imagine that). It might be a good hip gun for long humps tracking bigger game. They say it carries light after klicks and klicks, no more noticable than a sheath knife (and six .44s would bring down a zombie close-up.) Gonna read up some more and see how that light frame handles those big bangers.