Tennessee Tactical Officers: Sniper/Handgun Challenge 2008


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Jul 1, 2007
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Monday and Tuesday, Rattlesnake Ridge and the Tennessee Tactical Officers sponsored a Sniper and Handgun Challenge.

The first day was the Sniper Challenge. It consisted of:

1. 4 Alvin York Targets ('V' with degrading score towards the top) 4 targets, 4 rounds, 20 seconds. Range:168 yards

2. Speed and Accuracy. 2 silhouettes. head and chest shot from prone. Stand, move to another position load 2 more, and another target (Head and chest shot too)

3. The next table, started at 25 yards, standing. You are shown a picture of a face, you have to find the target, and 2 into the center face. Then move back to 50 yds, see a face, and fire two rounds, sitting. Then move back to 100yds, climb onto a car roof, see a face, find it and fire 2 rounds. Then move back to final line (168 yds) see a face, fire two into the correct face.

4. The next table was 4 targets at various ranges, start time, engage all four with head shots.

I placed 5th overall out of all shooters

On Tuesday, the handgun challenge occurred. More shooters signed up for this and I placed 8th overall.

The staff and range were great, and I cannot compliment Ed Lowery (owner of range) and Scott from Tennessee Tactical Officers, enough. They put on a GREAT event, I learned alot and was humbled at the skill and professionalism of all shooters present.

Also a thank you to Surefire for some great give-aways and door prizes, and well as SniperProShop.net for some more give aways.

Her are some pics.