The Devil's Brigade (FSSF) Veterans Visit Canada's 3PPCLI


SOF Support
Feb 8, 2007
Land of Swine and Maple Syrup
Great to hear what some of the founders of the Airborne Brotherhood feel about the current guys.

In 1942, as part of what was originally known as 2nd Canadian Parachute Batallion, an elite regiment of Airborne soldiers was formed between Canadian and American soldiers. FSSF veterans featured included Jack Callohill, Charles Mann, Gordon Simms and Dick Helton. We didn't have enough time with the veterans for a formal interview but were able to hear how the veterans felt about the Airborne Brotherhood today. Our 3PPCLI participate in their training exercises including jumps from the jump tower at Edmonton's 3 PPCLI lines.

I served with a guy who was an ex Brit Para. He told me of a reunion held for WWII and current Paras. Said the old guys put on displays for them and that he and the young Paras were in awe of the old guys.
Very cool to see new and old Soldiers together, should be done more often.
Got a chance to jump with that unit a few years back. They bent over backwords putting it together for us after the weather closed in. Don't remember the name of the drop zone but it was near Ottawa. Exited the Griffin at about 2,000 feet. Even in August it was like landing on concrete when I hit the ground.