The host of Future Weapons....



He seems like a cool cat.
Have any one of you SEAL bubbas worked with him while he was active?


03Gunner31 out!
We have no SEALs here yet. You have now been recruited to find 3 to join our little community.
What do you mean? I was surprised to find my word "X"ed out.....I recognize some guys on here from that site.

I would recommend you not mention the site across the street here or mention this site over there :2c:
Listen to the Wise Polar Bear,For he knows these things..

P.s I just posted a thread on Future weapons;)
he held/hold that there bukido training at the santa monica zen center

i used to sit there before i discovered porn, Yoshin (bill jordan or whatever) the head zen dude there, is from virginny, me home state

here is mach's site: