The tires of the future "Airless"

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Jan 24, 2008
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This is some cool stuff; I think it is an incredible idea (especially the honeycomb structure). I am highly interested in checking these out more, hell I could see dropping some mad money for a set to be on my truck! Anyway I thought it was pretty damn neat and wanted to share.:thumbsup:
When I last heard about these (admittedly a while ago) they had some severe heating issues. I also have yet to see a side-by-side comparison of performance between the two technologies. Cool design and concept, but I'll stick to my pneumatic tires until they locate and hammer out the bugs.
Cool idea but can see those getting ruined very quickly. Also like JAB said with lowering or raising the tire pressure due to terrain
LOL Ranger Psych brought up the tire pressure and he is very correct, but I still want some! There is a couple of videos on youtube, one of a skid loader being hit with a simulated IED and running without issue. These are all new to me and I think they are freaking cool as shit. I am sure there are tons of issues as with any new tech, but I can see where this can be a big help for MIL, LE & PMC's...
I think for their intended application they are great. Too often we assume that a new invention should work for everything when it is only intended for one or a few things. Just like allen head screws "they suck because they won't work with flat and phillips" well guess what, they aren't meant to, but they work fucking awesome for what they are intended for. The same reason why there is more than one caliber round in the world. Stay focused, perhaps they have no intention of ever putting these to use in the civilian DMV system.