These Guys are Going to Prison For Stealing, Re-Selling Military Gear


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Sep 9, 2006
Former Texas Army Guard soldier sentenced for stealing military gear, selling it on eBay

Cristal Avila, 27, a former Guard soldier from Fort Worth, Texas, and her accomplice, U.S. Property and Fiscal Office program analyst Joseph Mora, 36, pleaded guilty in August to stealing more than 50 items from the Guard facility over nearly three years.

A federal judge sentenced Avila to two years and Mora to three years in federal prison and ordered them to pay $2.4 million in restitution. They will also remain on supervised release for three years once they finish their prison terms.

The items included thermal night vision devices, infrared aiming lasers, scopes, binoculars and photography equipment, according to court documents. The thefts occurred in multiple incidents between December 2016 and September 2019, according to court documents.