Thinking Red : Having a small celebratory dinner tonight at the Mash House


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Jul 29, 2007
Had a victory in my budding professional poker career lol. Taking my mom and a couple friends out for dinner at the Mash House. Open invite to MI types if you give me a call. 831-917-2025.

This tournament had players like Barry Greenstein in it if ya know anything about poker :)

congrats. thats no small feat. Barry is an amazing player, i have seen him play at the Bellagio. One of my friends got out to go pro and has played him and Daniel Negranu at the 10/20 and 25/50 game at the bellagio. i just sit and stare at the balls of those guys that throw 2grand pre flop.
Barry hasn't had much success online, but he is a regular in that tournament. Negreanu plays in it occasionally.

I beat Ty Reiman heads up. Very good player that has won millions online.

I only started getting serious in December but I am starting to have some good results.
Congrats! And thanks for the invite. I kinda miss the Mash House. Wish I was still in Fay some times.
A buddy of mine at Huachuca went up to Tucson a few weeks ago and won $15K. And I thought he was good...