Thinking Red : Pictures

All I have is "I love me" track pics so I dont think they would be relevant :)
Being a young wannabe with no type of military service, I do not think I have anything to post that is relevant to this Military Intel Group... unless you count pictures of me wearing my ninja suit last halloween. :p
ESL... what do you ride? By "Track" pics, I assume you are referring to track days and motorcycles? Then again... I rarely assume anything.

Umbrella girls are always welcomed.
I'll post some umbrella pics tommorrow. But that's all the "I love me pics" I'll post for now. ;)
Right, this thread referred to photos; however, speaking of "pictures," try these clips from the Semnadtsat Mgnoveniy Vesny, a (1973) Soviet miniseries. Described as the "ultimate Soviet soap-opera," [Tolka po russkiy], it follows familiar themes, depicting evil:eek:, "Gitlerskiy" Germany thru the Soviet lens. It's "thinking red," a peek into (WWII)/Soviet-era Schpionazh. Protagonist, *GRU deep-operative Maksim Isaev, masquerades as SS Standartenfuhrer Stirlitz, viewed by critics as a counterpart to James Bond:cool:, but more believable. Several intriguing, sample episodes:

[ame=""]YouTube - 17 Moments of Spring (English subtitles). Part 1/12 (2/9).[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - 17 Moments of Spring (English subtitles). Part 1/12 (6/9).[/ame]