Thinking Red : The Flynn Report


Hard Core Pawn
Aug 17, 2009
Is it worth discussing? Or is it only causing yawns among the MI community?
As I stated somewhere on the open board - I think Mike Flynn will eventually be the Army G2, so, yawns or not, if you're in the IC, you might want to see how he thinks. I've known him as a Bn and Bde commander; a Division, Corps, and JSOC G/J2; a guy who I've slapped on the ass when the green light came on and told to get out of my airplane; and a guy I've had beers with. We lost touch after he moved to CENTCOM. But again, whether we discuss it here or not, we prolly all outta read it.
Nothing coming out of ISAF should be considerred a yawn right now. GEN McChrystal and his staff are challenging everyone in AFG right now to take measure of everything they are doing and asking whether it is contributing to a WIN. Before my post in the main forum got deleted during the Purge, I said that I hope MG FLynn gets everything he wants from the article and I meant it. Do I agree with everything he said? No. But who gives a shit. I want to Win far more than I want to see my personal opinion heard. Unfortunately I don't see the same from way too many MI folks (mostly the "intellectuals" of the MI corps. The kind who only contribute ideas, not actionable intelligence and certainly not actual results). I think ISAF has a winning team. They have a plan they are trying to implement and it BURNS MY ASS when I see people slow roll for no other reason than it would make them uncomfortable. Wanna know what will make me uncomfortable? Losing.
Pretty much. This is a problem with government agencies. Because of civil service laws, senior civil service ass hats are really hard to get rid of. There is a bill in Congress to allow the Sec of Vet Affairs an exemption to merit system requirements to fire people - it needs more support.
Swill, great statement, tweeked it a little...but you are spot on!!

"mostly the "intellectuals" of the (Intelligence Community)...the kind who only contribute ideas, not actionable intelligence and certainly not actual results"