Three diggers murdered by ANA


Verified SOF
Jan 15, 2008
Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the murder of three Australian soldiers and the wounding of three others by a supposed ally was designed to erode the trust in the mission and that between Australian soldiers and the Afghan national army.
Describing the incident as "a bitter day for Australia", Ms Gillard said the mission would continue as planned.

She conceded the deaths - which bring to four the number of Australians killed by Afghan allies this year - would cause Australians to ask "deep and troubling questions".
An Afghan interpreter was also killed in the incident. Seven others were wounded, including three Australians, two interpreters and two Afghan national army soldiers.
The Australian Defence Force said the families have been notified.
This is the largest single incident in Afghanistan involving Australian personnel. So far, 32 Australians have died in the Afghanistan mission and 209 have been wounded, including 43 this year.
But Ms Gillard said: "This does not change our mission."

The soldiers were killed when an Afghan national soldier fired on a parade at a base in Shah Wali Kot, in Kandahar province, at 8.30am (about 3pm AEDT) yesterday.
There's a theory the bad guys had his family and threatened to kill them if he didn't comply, but we'll never know. Senior NCO too.