Training: Pre and Post PJ graduation


Jun 7, 2009
Those of you who are about to go to Indoc or those of you who have been PJs for a while, how many days a week are you training?

I am trying to be swimming 5 days a week, but some days I just feel too exhausted and take the day off and end up swimming only 3. I feel like a slacker but Im not sure if its my body telling me to recover or am I just a shlep. Part of me says " Youre too tired, take the day off and recover." And the other part of me says "Get in that pool you F$%în P#$%^!" I am obviously a confused cone head.

I know when I get to Indoc it will be over 2 months of ass kicking everyday and I will have to deal with it then, but its just not the same when you are training by yourself and dont have a Sgt. screaming "Swim faster or get outta my pool!"

This is a stupid post but I guess what Im trying to get at is: Do I need to be training 5 days a week before I get to Indoc? How can I guage what I need to accomplish before I go to Indoc? How did or are you guys preparing for Indoc?DOH.:uhh:
I'm going be on my way to basic October 13th. I've probably been swimming 3-5 days a week before work for the past 4 months, usually 3 :doh:. Aside from swimming I do some sort of training 5 days a week MINIMUM of either running and calistenics at the park or weight training at the gym. I'm especially going to focus on my training these next 35 days since my last day of work is this week and I shouldn't be able to make any excuses for skipping training days.

I've been sticking to Stew Smiths PJ workout e-book but doing a great more deal swimming than he has you do. Its a real good work out plan though.

I do have a friend that is going to bud/s soon and he is really sticking to the p90x DVDs and swears by them but he dosn't really swim much. Hope that wont be his downfall.

I hope this helps you out. Working out wasn't a regular thing for me when I started and I feel that I've maken drastic improvements with what i've been sticking to.
Hey man thanks for your honesty. It sounds like we are in the same boat. Yea I hear you self dicipline is a mother. What is your pool workout looking like now? I know a lifeguard at my pool who says he's in the Navy and going to challenge the SEAL program. But he says he only swims 2x a month just like your friend. I think SEALS need to be swimming just as much as PJs to survive BUDS. They gotta do that 50m underwater too, and that takes practice man!

from it seems that we won't have to do that, but don't count on it! Im learning to expect the unexpected and don't count on anything. When I took my PAST months ago, the PJ switched the order around to throw us off. I'd been training in the particular order, but it really messes with your head. So expect the unexpected!

I have Stew Smiths Spec Forces training book too, but for the PJ workout he doesnt emphasize how important the 25m underwaters are as he only has 1X a week if even that.

This is what Ive been doing this week in the pool:

25 meter underwaters 7X @ 2:30 rest (starting at underwater)

Then Mask and Snorkle retrieval 20 meters 3X @ 2:30 rest (starting after retrieval.)

Then with mask and snorkle on, practice frog kick to help my underwaters, since most of the propulsion comes from the kick. I do it maybe 10 laps.

Then treading water for 2:10 hands up, then tread until 9:00, then hands up for the last 1:00 for total of 10:00.

Then buddy breathing by myself without mask. I do this by starting at the deep end and pass the snorkle back and fourth while egg beating until I get to the other side of the pool. Every other breath I pass it up.

Im pretty tired by the end of all that. I usually lift weights after that, but sometimes Im too damn tired!