Turbo Prop For COIN?


Verified Military
Verified Military
Oct 24, 2006
Just wondered with ten years in counter insurgency operations why has none of the coalition forces ever adopted a turbo prop ..Put in an ISAR suite with an more protected cockpit and you have an excellent COIN platform.. With a greater loiter capacity than a Fighter and a greater range than an Apache, with just as many hard points would the introduction have changed any out comes? Was a turbo prop not used during the Vietnam war to great effect?



Just my 2 cents :

USAF started program to purchase light attack planes in 2009. From 100 planes it was scaled down to 15, then budget restrictions killed it (if news were accurate).

But...there are still A-10's, AC-130's and there are programs of Hellfire - armed Hercules in USAF and USMC. In Vietnam lot of planes was already avalible (Skyriders) and I thonk it was easier put them into service . And there are drones too - I wonder if they can replace Mk1 eyeball.

BTW, we have in early 1990's in Poland a project of making crop duster COIN plane, even with tail gunner , looked like small Il-2 ;-)
I'll let SOWT field this one, I'll just find myself pissed off and ranting. :)
My Dad got CAS from a Skyraider during Vietnam. He said it was the best air platform for that purpose. I don't think it's such a bad idea to revisit the concept, even with the wonderful A-10.
The LAAR was more then Afghanistan, AFSOUTH was trying to work with Central/South American Air Forces to modernize their airframes. We hoped LAAR would be accepted theater-wide and the numbers thrown out (1000) were a combination US/Foreign buy. The buy dropped to 15, and I don't know why. I thought it was interesting (in an odd sense) that they were going to be stationed at Maguire AFB in NJ and not in FL or NM. I am sure ACC and the AF had a good reason, but I have to wonder why a COIN/FMS bird was going to be managed by ACC and not AFSOC.
IMHO-SouthCom is considered a back water, and anything geared towards that AO will probably not make it through the acquisitions process.
They should give them to the army. The airforce doesn't want anything that is not fast or stealth. But if you give it to the army it will get used. I will reenlist to fly it. It is a win-win for the army.
Like I said, give it to the army, put an SF guy in the back seat, like they used to in vietnam and it would be the perfect platform.
I'm reading a book by a UK Apache crew in A-Stan called Apache by Ed Macy. I think what came across to me from the book was the lack of loiter capability from Apaches and fast air.. which is how I came up with this thread idea.. In one mission they were loitering for 90 mins waiting on a B1 to drop its load before they could go on target due to a malfunction on the B1..
The Army should have organic CAS assets as the Marines do.

Just makes sense.

Well then...Carry on.

We do fixed- and rotary-wing AvFID in SOUTHCOM, so I was gearing up for a fight. But with no LAAR capability, I have no solid basis to argue. Shit :D

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