Two Taliban facilitators captured in eastern Afghanistan


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Jan 3, 2007
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BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan (Courtesy of CJSOTF-A Public Affairs, Nov. 7, 2011) – Afghan security forces captured two Taliban facilitators operating in eastern Afghanistan, Nov. 2-3.

Mohammad Alim was captured in Wardak province Nov. 2, and Assanullah was captured in Paktya province Nov. 3.

Afghan National Army soldiers were traveling to a checkpoint in Chak district, Wardak province, when they noticed three men with various improvised explosive device materials, a pick axe and two motorcycles digging holes in the near-bye road.

The ANA soldiers approached the men who then began to flee the area. After capturing the three individuals and confiscating their materials, the ANA returned to the local Afghan compound to question the suspects.

Each suspect told a similar story about whom they worked for and what they were doing on the side of the road with the confiscated materials.

A coalition Special Operations Forces team member reported that it was apparent the suspects had rehearsed their story and why they were emplacing the IEDs.

While holding and questioning the suspects, the combined forces were informed that one of the suspects, Mohammad Alim, was a known Taliban facilitator. He is currently being held by Afghan forces awaiting transfer to a coalition detention facility.

In Chamkani district, Paktya province, Afghan Uniformed Police Special Tactics Team captured Assanullah while he was operating in his pharmacy in the Chamkani bazaar.

Assanullah is a known Taliban facilitator responsible for operational coordination attacks against Afghan and Coalition Forces in Chamkani. He is believed to be responsible for an attack against Coalition Forces in October.

“This operation further proved the STT’s ability to serve as a trusted partner force,” said a coalition SOF team member.

Assanullah is currently in AUP STT custody also awaiting transfer to a coalition detention facility.
So what exactly is a Taliban facilitator? How does one facilitate the Taliban movement?

I think it's like a crossing guard. Can't move very well if you're constantly waiting at intersections for the camel caravans to mosey on by.