U.S. Army Special Operations Command O-6 promotion list


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FORT BRAGG, N.C. (USASOC News Service, Dec. 16, 2011) – The Department of the Army has announced the selectees for the 2012 Colonel promotion list. The following officers from United States Army Special Operations Command were selected for promotion:
LT. COL. Fredrick C. Dummar
LT. COL. Donald R. Franklin
LT. COL. Victor G. Garcia, Jr.
LT. COL. Wendy F. Graham
LT. COL. Kevin G. Hebl
LT. COL. Michael J. Hertzendorf
LT. COL. David M. Hodne
LT. COL. Paul D. Howard
LT. COL. David P. Mauser
LT. COL. Paul A. Mele
LT. COL. Brian M. Michelson
LT. COL. Randal W. Nelson
LT. COL. John T. Reim, Jr.
LT. COL. Alan J. Shumate
LT. COL. George W. Sterling, Jr.
The following Special Operations Forces officers not assigned to USASOC were selected for promotion:
LT. COL. David R. Bolduc
LT. COL. John W. Brennan
LT. COL. Mark W. Childs
LT. COL. Miguel A. Correa
LT. COL. Brad C. Dostal
LT. COL. Kevin T. Henderson
LT. COL. Johnny L. Hester
LT. COL. Barry G. Jones
LT. COL. Timothy Ladouceur
LT. COL. Brian S. Petit
LT. COL. Christopher N. Riga
LT. COL. Scot N. Storey
LT. COL. George K. Thiebes
LT. COL. Donald C. Wolfe
Congratulations to those who were selected.
Worked for both LTC Riga and LTC Franklin. Well deserved for two warriors. Congratulations gentlemen!
LTC Hertzendorf FTW! Awesome leader who truly cares for his Soldiers. And he has the best hair in the biz. :D
KARMA Baby, two un-named jerk offs I know failed and didn't make the list. I think I'll go have a beer and celebrate!

Congrats and good for the fine officers that made it.