U.S. Navy jet crashes in Virginia


Apr 22, 2010
What the heck went wrong I wonder. Hopefully only the two mentioned were injured.
Anyone here in Virginia Beach? Hope all is well.

Officials have confirmed thata U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet jet has crashed in Virginiaafter taking off fromU.S. Naval Air Station Oceana, with the two pilots believed to have ejected before impact.
There are currently no reports of injuries on the ground. Several photos have emerged from the crash, showing the wreckage and black smoke rising from nearby buildings.
The Virginian-Pilot newspaper quotes a spokesman for Naval Air Force Atlantic who says the F/A-18 Hornet crashed Friday.
Virginia Department of Transportation traffic cameras showed black smoke rising from the Birdneck Road area of Virginia Beach at 12:30 p.m. local time, FoxNews reports.
MSNBC is reporting that a local witness told the network the jet crashed into a local two-story apartment building. They are also reporting that two individuals have been admitted to nearby Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital in connection with the crash, according to a public information officer at the facility. One of the individuals is reportedly one of the two pilots who ejected form the plane, while another is a civilian who is suffering from smoke inhalation.
"He was in shock and still strapped to his seat," Volunteer rescue squad member Pat Kavanaugh toldCNNaffiliate WTKR.
there was a guy who did a AMA (ask me anything) on reddit that was one of the people that had his place destroyed by the jet. said his brother found and helped the pilot who told him "sorry I wrecked your place" lol
just glad no one was hurt, and the DOD is on the ball with compensation and such for those folks that got their places wrecked by the crash. hope that sort of thing doesn't reflect badly on the career of the pilot.
Loosing an engine on takeoff is one of the worse case events for a pilot. Not sure if he was in a turn or not, if so, even worse if that was the case. That was a common USAF exercise scenario for bases to grapple with. A true blessing from above that there were no fatalities.

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